Soft Magnetic Materials

Volume 298

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Min Wang, De Qing Chu

Abstract: By density functional theory (DFT) at B3LYP/6-311+G** levels, the pyridine ionic liquid with different substituent length has been studied....

Authors: Mei Ma, Xiao Ping Fan, Zhao Dai, Xiao Qing Wang, Qing Yin Zhang

Abstract: A novel DNA biosensor based on layer-by-layer self-assembled multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) functionalized with a mercapto group...

Authors: Min Zhao, Kun Yang

Abstract: Yarn supply tension is a key factor which has influences on the quality of knitted fabrics. This paper introduces a method to detect the...

Authors: Ming Wei Ding, Zhen Kai Wan, Yong Xin Ma

Abstract: In this work, the application status and significance of Fiber Bragg Gratings(FBGs) and Three-dimensional (3-D) braided composites were...

Authors: Li Dai, Yi Zhang

Abstract: Thin summer fabrics without anti-UV finishing were used as experimental samples and the influences of fabric thickness, tightness, structure...

Authors: Yan Liu, Zhao Dai, Shi Chao Xu, Ji Mei Zhang, Guo Zheng, Qing Yin Zhang, Guang Ping Chen

Abstract: A novel electrochemical DNA biosensor system based on Au nanoparticles (AuNPs) modified Au electrode and anthraquinone-2,6-disulfonic acid...


Abstract: The paper has been withdrawn do to double publication. The original was published by SPIE Proceedings of SPIE, vol 7493, 74935A in 2009...

Authors: Jing Meng Gan, Chang Yun Miao, Chen Zhang, Hua Gao, Fang Fang Bai, Li De Zhu, Ming Ma

Abstract: The sphygmus is the external reflection of many important information such as the conditions of heart and blood vessels, and the sphygmus...

Authors: Dan Feng Li, Yan Liu

Abstract: The composite film, FeW11O399-(FeW11)/TiO2/ SiO2, was prepared by liquid phase deposition method (LPD) at low processing temperature for the...

Authors: Dan Feng Li, Yan Liu

Abstract: The POM/TiO2/SiO2 Supermolecule composite based on POM films were synthesized via an easy liquid phase deposition method (LPD) at low...


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