Soft Magnetic Materials

Volume 298

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Yuan Lei, Guo Zheng, Yu Sun, Yong Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, with fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene (AEO9), succinic anhydride (SA) and sodium hydroxide as raw materials, a new type of fatty...

Authors: Jian Tang, Fa Zeng Lian, Min Yu

Abstract: The different binder materials and additive amount affected the magnetic permeability, quality factor and losses of amorphous Fe78Si9B13...

Authors: Qing Da Li, X.W. Dong, T.X. Liu, Jun Hua You, Fa Zeng Lian

Abstract: The Fe-Si-Al soft magnetic composites were produced by cold pressing of water-atomized Fe-Si-Al powder using organic binder. The effect of...

Authors: Ping Lin Huang, Guo Sheng Cheng, Ai Ping Yan

Abstract: Based on the Bessel function, a novel calculation model of iron losses of electric magnetic material fed by PWM inverter is proposed....

Authors: Zhu Xin Zhao, Xing Zhang, Bing Wei Hui, Gong Jian Wen

Abstract: An original method for estimating the position and velocity of moving ball using a single line scan camera is presented. The collected...

Authors: Cong Zhang, Rong Hou, Hui Zhang

Abstract: The magnetic anatase titania (TiO2) hollow spheres have been fabricated as magnetic photocatalyst by template (polystyrene)-sacrificed...

Authors: Qiu Dong Sun, Zheng Guo Liu, Wen Xin Ma, Jiang Wei Huang

Abstract: PM, Vector Composing, Armstrong PM, QAM-based PM, Equivalent Analysis Abstract. Both the Armstrong phase modulation (PM) and QAM-based PM...

Authors: Jun Jie Yuan, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: The magnetization induced by applied cyclic stresses on low carbon steel samples was studied through experiments by using a high sensitive...

Authors: Zi Li Jin, Wei Li, Yi Ming Li

Abstract: With the help of orientation distribution function (ODF) analysis, experiments of different hot band grain microstructure 0.33% silicon...

Authors: Hui Yang, Gai Yang, Yun Liu, Chuang Wang

Abstract: The effect of mineralizer upon the fabrication of lead-free, piezoelectric Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 ( BNT) was investigated using a hydrothermal...


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