Investigation on the Wettability between Nb-Al Alloy and Porous Al2O3 Ceramics Prepared by Freeze Casting


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This paper adopted freeze casting method to prepare porous Al2O3 ceramic bodies with interconnected pore channels as a preform. The preform was pressureless infiltrated with Nb-Al binary alloy by using electromagnetic induction furnace. The results indicated that the Nb-Al melt solidified as a sphere-like body under the surface tension driving. It was difficult to obtain Nb-Al binary alloy matrix Al2O3 ceramic composites. However, the wettability between Nb-Al melt and porous Al2O3 ceramic bodies was improved obviously while the Ti and Cr alloying elements were added into Nb-Al binary alloy. Also, the resultant Nb-35Ti-20Al-10Cr melt was filled into the interconnected pore channels existed in the Al2O3 preform by pressureless infiltration.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 299-300)

Edited by:

Jianzhong Wang and Jingang Qi




H. M. Chen et al., "Investigation on the Wettability between Nb-Al Alloy and Porous Al2O3 Ceramics Prepared by Freeze Casting", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 299-300, pp. 687-691, 2011

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July 2011




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