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Authors: Wei Li, Wei Wei, Yuan Liu, Tian Jiao Wang
Abstract:In the biological aerated filter, the removal efficiency of phosphorus is poor, while the efficiency of organics and nitrogen are very well....
Authors: Zhong Xu, Shu Zhao Li, Xiao Yan Wu, Xi Jiang Zhao
Abstract:The standard k-ε turbulence model was used to simulate the flow of a new unsmooth surface - dimple concave surface in air and the drag...
Authors: You Qiang Wang, Chao Li
Abstract:Water lubricated rubber bearings are one of the most appropriate bearings for underwater use. The most popular design used widely today is...
Authors: Wen Xia Wang
Abstract:The effects of CF content on flexural and tribological properties of the composites were investigated. The worn surface morphologies of neat...
Authors: Chi Lan Cai
Abstract:PEI composites filled with glass and carbon fiber was synthesized. The aim of the research article is to study the mechanical and two-body...
Authors: Hui Xu, Tian Sheng Li
Abstract:Cast magnesium alloys are constantly increasing used in the automotive and electronic industry because of the excellent performance. Squeeze...
Authors: Shu Juan Hou, Li Li Ren, Duo Dong
Abstract:Due to the excellent mechanical properties combined with high strength to weight ratio, honeycomb sandwich panels (HSP) are used increasingly...
Authors: Xian Qiu Huang, Jia Shen Zheng, Rui He, Jian Rong Liu, Hui Ping Bai, Yuan Qiang Tu
Abstract:Corrosion inhibitor I9602 was synthesized in the laboratory. Infrared spectrum (IR) and ultraviolet spectrum (UV) in conjunction...
Authors: Shi Bo Bin, Shu Ming Xing, Pei Wei Bao
Abstract:This paper explored the distribution regularities of TiC particles in molten steel under electromagnetic stirring condition. The influencing...
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