Film Shape Research of Slipper Bearing in Axial Piston Pump Based on Genetic Algorithms


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In the process of axial piston pump working, centrifugal moment causes slipper bearing to tilt and wedge oil film could be formed between the slipper and swashplate. The film shape corresponds with its pressure field. By force equilibrium analysis, the calculation of film shape can be simplified as a single objective optimization problem with two decision variables, which uses the normal force balance and the flow equilibrium as equality constraints and treats the slipper tilt angle and the azimuth angle as inequality constraints.The Niche Genetic Algorithm was applied to solve this problem. The results showed that using this method the optimum solution can be gained and the convergence speed is relatively fast. A precision 3-D film shapes can be obtained, which can afford new reference to the design of the slipper bearing.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 301-303)

Edited by:

Riza Esa and Yanwen Wu






H. Liu et al., "Film Shape Research of Slipper Bearing in Axial Piston Pump Based on Genetic Algorithms", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 301-303, pp. 1533-1538, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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