The Application of Safety Evaluation in Coal Mine Heading Face Based on Fuzzy-AHP Comprehensive Evaluation Method


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For the safety of coal production, established safety evaluation model of heading face in coal mine. The evaluation indexes were given by analyzing the need for safety in heading face, the evaluation model was set based on Fuzzy-AHP comprehensive evaluation method, and completed the comprehensive evaluation by using membership. The results showed that Fuzzy-AHP comprehensive evaluation was an effective method which can not only solve complexity and multi-level of the index, but also made the evaluation more accurate, which had theoretical and practical value.



Edited by:

Jerry Tian






L. S. Liu et al., "The Application of Safety Evaluation in Coal Mine Heading Face Based on Fuzzy-AHP Comprehensive Evaluation Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 304, pp. 401-406, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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