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Authors: Bao Hua Yang, Hua Li Ma, Hong Yan Lu, Xiao Bo Zhang
Abstract:With the microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition (MPCVD), the effects of the deposition pressure and the different substrate temperature...
Authors: Xiao Qian Qi, Xu Ping Zhang
Abstract:Al-matrix self-lubricating which added MoS2 as solid lubricant was prepared by casting under variation in content of...
Authors: Chun Hua Hu, Jin Qian
Abstract:Asphalt pavements have been widely used to protect the steel bridge deck against moisture and provide good riding quality. However, various...
Authors: Chun Hua Hu
Abstract:Resilient modulus of material is an important parameter for pavement structure design and analysis. However it is very tedious to get this...
Authors: Yi Tao Mei, Dong Jian Zheng, Lei Xu
Abstract:The network structure, initial weights and initial thresholds were optimized to solve some problems, such as over-fitting and slow...
Authors: Hai Zhao, You Ning Xu, Jun Qing Liu
Abstract:Nanosized cerium-manganese ferrite particles were prepared by co-precipitation approach. The structural evolutions and morphological...
Authors: Zhi Gang Zhao, Fu Gui Liu, You Hua Wang, Peng Xiang Ren, Jing Yang, Lu Zhen Zhao, Yu Huai Kan
Abstract:In order to improve the magnetization effect of permanent magnet motor, it is requires accurate and efficient magnetization circuit except...
Authors: Zhi Gang Zhao, Fu Gui Liu, You Hua Wang, Peng Xiang Ren, Yu Huai Kan
Abstract:With the advent of power electronic technology, the excitation conditions applied to transformers, motors, etc. could be very atypical. DC...
Authors: Narendra Kumar Pandey, Karunesh Tiwari, Akash Roy
Abstract:Paper reports morphological and relative humidity sensing studies of ZnO-TiO2 nanocomposite powder pellets obtained through...
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