Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fa Rong Gao, Yun Yuan Gao, Xu Gang Xi

Abstract: A blood vessel model of pseudo-elastic constitutive relation in an absolute (vacuum) zero-stress state is employed, and analytical equations...

Authors: Tao Wang, Xi Chen, Rui Teng

Abstract: Proposed in this study is a type of friction damper characterized a continuously variable post-sliding stiffness, which provides an...

Authors: Yong Zhen Su, Xin Wen Liu, Da Yu Li, Xin Bing Wang, Yu Heng Zhang

Abstract: Impact localization is one of the major concerns in maintenance of aircraft structures built from composites. A lot of different techniques...

Authors: Lai Fa Xie, Kuan Min Chen, Yang Dong Zhao

Abstract: Due to the rapid development of economics and society, China has witnessed increasing highway accidents, especially rear end collisions that...

Authors: Dong Hua Fan, Kai Zhen Huang, Yu Bao Huang

Abstract: Ge doped ZnO films were synthesized on silicon substrate via RF magnetron co-sputtering methods. The effects of annealing temperature on the...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Dong Jian Zheng, Cong Cong Wang

Abstract: Dam safety monitoring is an important means for remaining the dam safe, while stress-strain monitoring has been an extremely important part...

Authors: Zhong Gan, Jia Zan Zhu, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Age forming technology has some features including high rebound, especially it is difficult to control the precision of rebound. Due to the...

Authors: Zhong Gan, Hai Bing Tan

Abstract: This paper will discuss the unfolding of skin-panel by using the software CATIA. During the process the characteristics of integral...

Authors: Jin Kun Sun, Shuang Hua Huang, Yue Shui Lin

Abstract: In the case of installation of 40m pre-stressed reinforced concrete T-beam of Bridge A in a high energy-consuming industrial park,...

Authors: C.Y. Fang, Yao Ting Zhang

Abstract: Model updating based on Bayesian theory for the prediction of natural frequencies of full prestressed concrete beam has been developed....


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