Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Biao Zhou, Xiao Lei Deng

Abstract: The CAD/CAE integration simulation technology route of bearing is established, and the parameterization numerical model of 7021 angle...

Authors: Zhen Dong Wang, Zhen Quan Lai, Guo Rong Chen

Abstract: We report herein synthesis and characterization of CuInS2 and CuInSe2 compounds by vacuum sintering method. In this...

Authors: Tao Jiang, Zhi Fang Zhou, Qing Wen Wang

Abstract: Larch wood (larix) contains plenty of resin and a combined treatment with microwave irradiation and subsequently steaming is a strategy to...

Authors: Fang Yao, Xiao Xia Ji, Bao Ping Lin, Guo Dong Fu

Abstract: Click Chemistry was used to synthesize a series of PEG-based hydrogel networks. Attributable to the controlled nature and the quantitative...

Authors: Yue Fu Dong, Ying Hai Dong, Qing Rong Xu, Guang Hong Hu, Wan Peng Dong

Abstract: Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is believed to result from high levels of the contact stresses on the cartilages and menisci after radial meniscal...

Authors: Xu Wang, Fu He Wang

Abstract: The effect of Nb doping on the formation and diffusion of O vacancies and interstitial Ti in rutile TiO2 are studied by the use...

Authors: Chun Ying Zhao, Xu Wang, Fu He Wang

Abstract: The effect of Nb doping on the diffusion of oxygen in γ-TiAl is studied by the use of first-principles. Our calculated results showed that...

Authors: Ying Ya Yang, Dan Yu, Wei Wang

Abstract: Antibacterial polyester (PET) fibers with high electric conductivity were introduced by pretreatment-free electro-less silver plating in...

Authors: Zhong Yin Xiao, Wen Yun Luo, Jian Xiang Wen, Jian Zhong Yin, Ting Yun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, defect induced by heated treatment in silica is studied. The formation process of defect is analyzed by the thermodynamic...

Authors: Xiang Geng Wei, Jiang Li, Jian Chen, Hao Dong

Abstract: The ablative performance of the C/SiC ceramic matrix composite material is studied experimentally using a experimental system based on solid...


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