Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Geng Wei, Jiang Li, Jian Chen, Wei Jin

Abstract: To provide the test method for thermal shock resistance of throat insert material in rocket motor design, an experimental method with a SRM...

Authors: Lin Lin Lv, Ju Ping Gu, Liang Hua, Wei Fan, Yu Jian Qiang

Abstract: It is very difficult to predict the process detection and performance parameters, because of the highly nonlinear and multivariable coupling...

Authors: Yan Mao, Tian Hu, Le He, Guang Yu Ju, Chuan Hong Luo

Abstract: This paper has described the method to make Al2O3-based ceramic coating in the steel tube by using centrifugal SHS...

Authors: Qing Song Hu, Juan Chen, Hua Zhou

Abstract: This paper proposes a physics-based cruising speed model for biomimetic robotic fish propelled by the passive plastic foil actuator....

Authors: Yong Hua Zhu, Wen Tong Ye, Yong Chen

Abstract: The sensorless control system of permanent magnet synchronous motor is a system with an uncertainty and external disturbance. This paper...

Authors: Xue Gang Ma, Zhi Min Cui, Yuan Liang Li, Ying Chen, Dong Wang

Abstract: Unburned Al2O3 - C slide plate specimens were prepared at different temperatures, using tabular corundum, graphite,...

Authors: Jiang Xu, Xin Jun Wu

Abstract: Corrosion of prestressing strands is a main durability issue for prestressing structures. In general, the corrosion zones of strands are...

Authors: Qian Yang, Yan Ping Kong, Jin Xi Liu

Abstract: We investigate the propagation of shear horizontal (SH) surface waves in a functionally graded magneto-electro-elastic half-space with...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Zhang, Wei Liu, Xiao Yan Li

Abstract: In this paper, the research of Low-Noise Asphalt Pavement(LNAP)mix design with the crumb rubber has been studied, including materials...

Authors: Bin Wang

Abstract: Movable sieve jig has the characteristics of simple structure, low water consumption, large capacity, less infrastructure investment, and...


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