Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Ye, Jing Wang, Xu Dong Feng, Hai Yan Liang

Abstract: Polyurethane (PU) pervaporation (PV) membranes are promising for the recovery of aromatic compounds in water. The novel...

Authors: Yan Zhu, Shuai Yuan, Tao Lu, Hao Meng

Abstract: Nano titanium dioxide particles were synthesized by drolysis of TiCl4 through the phase thransfer and pH of the system is...

Authors: Yan Zhu, Shuai Yuan, Zhi Yong Xu, Peng Liu

Abstract: The iron nanoparticles were prepared via a redox reaction between Fe2+ and BH4- in the SDS-ethanol-water...

Authors: Xiao Zheng, Ya Xin Zhang, Guo Xiang Lin, Zhi Xian Sun

Abstract: By using of Kuhn`s yield criterion, plasticity constitutive equations of extruded oilseeds in a closed cylinderical cell were developed. The...

Authors: Bing Hu, Xi Jun Liu

Abstract: According to industry and agriculture domain which applied temperature sensor need calibration. It is proposed the temperature calibration...

Authors: Sun Tao Qin, Wei Wei Fu

Abstract: By using the theory of complex adaptive system(CAS), a searching analysis of Eco-Industrial Cluster was put forward by the strategy of...

Authors: Ting Xiang Liu, Shu Wen Zhang

Abstract: As the traditional land application system, agroforestry systems had developed quickly in decades for the demand of agriculture, forestry...

Authors: Wei Ling Liu, Lin Bo Zhang, You Hua Ye, Jian Feng Zou

Abstract: The effects of terrestrial carbon cycle caused by Land use change on are obvious. Urbanization is an important reason of land use change....

Authors: Zheng Ling Wang, Ming Zhou, Wei Zhang, Chuan Yu Gao, Guo Rong Cao

Abstract: We propose a novel scheme to generate nanoscale optical trap for cold atoms near the tapered Ag nanotip, in which we take a microdisk cavity...

Authors: Hong Xia Zhao, Zhi Xia Liu, Zhi Yang Luo, Guan Yun Xiao

Abstract: The color of farm produce is a very important index of quality, its nutrition is correlative with itself color. At present, most of the...


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