Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Dan

Abstract: Subjects are identified by classifying motor imagery EEG signal. Energy entropy was used to preprocess motor imagery EEG data, and the...

Authors: Fo Lin Li, Huan Wen Yang, Xi Zhang, Xiao Man Hu, Wei Zou, Yang Zhong Liu

Abstract: In order to improve the mathematical description quantitatively, and support decision in tobacco crop knowledge. A Good quality flue-cured...

Authors: Zhuo Wei Hu, Shan Shan Li, Xiao Shuang Wang, Feng Xu

Abstract: This paper mainly reports the annual spatial variation of primary types of the grass in the study area through MODIS NDVI and EVI. First of...

Authors: Xia Fu Lv, Ping Luo, Hai Lin Yang, Yong Chen

Abstract: Proper soil moisture content is one of the necessary conditions for crop growth and steady yield. The soil moisture real time measurement is...

Authors: Zhao Hui Shi

Abstract: Based on the Excel software , we have studied the Numeric computations and quantitative research of the easy balance to distill for the...

Authors: Zhi Yang Luo, Hong Xia Zhao, Xin Yuan, Yuan Li

Abstract: The method combining linear programming theory and computer technology, affords the possibility for the Optimization problem of food...

Authors: Xin Wen Yu, Yan Chen Yang, Xu Zhang

Abstract: Meteorological conditions play an important role in agricultural practice and agricultural DSS usually takes weather data as a critical data...

Authors: Gui Feng Li

Abstract: A rapid and nondestructive method for measuring internal browning of apple was put forward based on FT-NIR spectroscopy and the relationship...

Authors: Guo Qiang Liu, Chang De Wang, Guang Hua Guan, Yi Bo Yan

Abstract: In order to automatically control the long distance water transfer in winter, mathematic models, modes of water transfer in winter,...

Authors: Chuan Xin Xiong, Ya Rong Liu, Juan Ping Gu

Abstract: The paper researched the method of using the L-Cysteine to pre-reduction and using hydrid atomic fluorescence spectrometry to determining...


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