Multi-Functional Materials and Structures Engineering

Volume 304

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Cheng Zhou, Ming Hui Zhang

Abstract: Avalanche transistor is a ideal device which can provide quick response and high peak power simultaneously, and this device is cheap. A...

Authors: Yuan Wang, Hai Yan Gao, Yao Jun Sun, Ming Chen

Abstract: Rheology of composite flour between corn or extruded flour and wheat flour were studied. Corn flour and extruded flour greatly influenced...

Authors: Jie Xi

Abstract: The disjoint union Cj∪CkCl is component of three cycles Cj,...

Authors: Qi Hong Chen, Jin Chao Yan

Abstract: The fuel cell robot hybrid power system is a multiple-input and multiple-output nonlinear system. This paper established a model for the...

Authors: Hai Bin Yang, Juan Li Sun, Xu An Wang, Jian Cui

Abstract: In 1998, Blaze, Bleumer and Strauss proposed a new kind of cryptographic primitive called proxy re-signature. In proxy re-signature, a proxy...

Authors: Shi Ruo Yang, Dan Qing Chen

Abstract: This paper illustrates the internal force calculation of the railway steel truss girder under the action of lateral load q by using the...

Authors: Dong Sheng Zhang, Chao Ji

Abstract: To avoid the optional and uncertainty when judge self-organization clustering results, we have introduced the F-test method what have used...

Authors: Wei Jian Yang

Abstract: This paper discussed the principle of the Nondestructive Thickness Measurement creation of the ultrasonic wave high definition and analyzed...

Authors: Qiu Chan Bai, Rong Jian Zheng

Abstract: A wireless measurement and control system for vegetable greenhouse is developed for the sake of overcoming the shortcoming of the wired...

Authors: Yu Wen Hu, Xin Li, Jian Wei Gong

Abstract: A multi-feature extraction method using a single 2D Laser Range Finder is proposed to provide the information of drivable road region for...


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