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Authors: Chol Nam Ri, Hui Qun Yuan
Abstract: In this paper, through generally using basic priniciple of heat transfer and gear, established the transient conduction differential equation and its definite conditions. On the basis of tribology and engagement theory, established the periodical boundary condition. Using ANSYS Programm, we analyzed temperature distribution of a spur gear operating under transient friction heat, and its periodical change. Simultaneously, we get the flash temperature distribution on the engaged surface of spur gear and its change curves. The basis for precisely studying its thermal deformation and profile modification is also established.
Authors: Jin Song Bao, Hong Kui Feng, Dian Liang Wu, Jin Ye
Abstract: To improve the maintainability, scalability, and reusability of models in complicated Missile Weapon System simulation, the system of a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation system based on high Level Architecture (HLA) and Modelica is designed, which can satisfy the need of interoperability among federates, and the simulation model library of missile based on Modelica is developed. Simulation application of missile trajectory and scene simulation is devised and is introduced into the federation to achieve the interaction between them and other federates. New simulation application incorporated with latest simulation technology can easily be introduced into the existing simulation system if they are in accordance with the HLA standards. The scene simulation application provides developers with a visual method to assess the performance of the system, which works as a federation in the HLA-based system. The results of missile trajectory simulation and scene simulation are given. The reusability of Modelica-based missile model provides designers with great flexibility and reusability in developing new missile models.
Authors: Jing Feng, Jian Li Zhang
Abstract: Nonlinear vibration in turning long-thin axis becomes one of the instable factors of the quality. Mathematical models are built based on this dynamic process and simulation program is organized by common software. Poincare and phase diagram of this model are obtained and the important influence factors can be concluded from these diagrams. The results provides theoretical base for improving stability of turning process.
Authors: Fang Cao, Yong Wang
Abstract: According to the real structure and work condition of a large-scale gas control valve used in recycling generating electricity project, a modal analysis modeling of fluid-structure interaction system is set up and the vibration in fluid-structure interaction is studied. The fluid force on the valve plug when the control valve at different openings is analyzed. According to the modal computing of the plug in fluid environment, the vibration frequencies of the plug are obtained. The influence on vibration frequency of fluid-structure interaction is showed, which relate to vibration modal of plug. The change of plug frequency at coupling and uncoupling condition is investigated. All of these are in favor of vibration characteristic analysis, vibration fault diagnosis of control valve system and realizing design optimization in plug dynamic characteristics. These are of great practical significance for advancing study on large-scale control valves.
Authors: Zhui Liang Huang, Shu Wen Lin, Dao Ying Jiang
Abstract: In allusion to the problem of data sampling interpolation error which exists in continuous micro-line segments interpolation algorithm with acceleration /deceleration control, this paper proposes a high-precision positioning and speed smooth transition control algorithm for terminal point of micro-line segment. The linear acceleration/deceleration mode was taken as an example to derive a motion control algorithm, which can eliminate the rounding error of the interpolation with fine adjusting the reserved parameters of acceleration /deceleration process when micro-line segment starting point and terminal point velocity are not zero. Simulation analysis and experiments of motion control shows that the algorithm greatly improves the control accuracy of the joint point position of micro-line segments, achieves the continuous smooth transition at the feed speed of the joint point of adjacent line segments and the uniformity of the velocity in specific line segment.
Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Wen Hui Yue, Zi Qiang Han
Abstract: As a sustainable model of modern manufacturing industry, green manufacturing is one of the essential solutions of the manufacturing environment pollution problems. Green cutting technology is the base and key of green manufacturing and will be the inevitable trend of cutting technology. High speed machining technology is a kind of the advanced manufacturing technologies which have superiorities as low cost, high efficiency, good processing quality and are suitable for machining thin walled workpieces and difficult-to-cut materials, and the relative problem has attracted scholars' attention from all over the world. From the perspective of green manufacturing, research results of high speed machining hardened steels are reviewed, including cutting force, cutting temperature, selection and optimization of processing parameters and machining quality, and conclude that high speed cutting is one of the key technologies in implementing green manufacturing and cleaner production. Finally, its future works of the research are discussed.
Authors: Dong Xiang Shao, Jian Li, Ru Lin, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract: The jet-pan is a key part of jet-pan servo valve, working performance of the servo valve is directly affected by the machining quality. This paper has realized the high precision measurement on dimension and position accuracy of the jet-pan through the research on CCD optical micro-detection technology. The result of image processing will affect the measuring accuracy directly during the detection, so this paper will put emphasis on discussing the image processing algorithm in the detection of the jet-pan. Through a series of algorithmic combination, this paper will achieve the image process and finally obtain the result.
Authors: Ya Fei Lu, Da Peng Fan, De Jun Sheng, Zhi Yong Zhang
Abstract: A brief overview of previously built Electro-Optical Tracking system reveals a trend toward smaller, more agile systems. Steel cable drive technology is an alternative to gearbox, belt and pulleys, chains and sprocket and other currently available transmission for several significant advantages, which includes backlash free, high stiffness, high efficiency, no lubrication etc.. As a new type of drive form, there were several key tradeoffs for the cable drive application, which will be developed and subjected in detail in this paper. Firstly Transmission principle and properties of cable drive is studied. Secondly, related design considerations of cable drive will be implemented and researched in detail, including the cable selection and capstan design, cable-groove matching strategy and cable tensioning design. Finally, actual application example of precise steel cable drive is presented for an Electro-Optical tracking gimbals, and performances tested validate the significant advantages of precise cable drive technology.
Authors: Zi Qiang Han, Wen Hui Yue, Xiao Jun Wang
Abstract: Green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing pattern taking comprehensive consideration of the environmental influence and resources consumption, it is not only a new approach that aims at realizing Eco-Industry and sustainable development of the society, but also a critical path to implement the source control of the environment pollution. Research progress and the development trend about green manufacturing at home and abroad are summarized in detail from process resource environmental attribute analysis and evaluation, the process route decision-making. Then, the uncertainty factors for green manufacturing in the production process are analysed. Finally, some problems about the production process robust optimization decision are discussed.

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