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Authors: Chol Nam Ri, Hui Qun Yuan
Abstract:In this paper, through generally using basic priniciple of heat transfer and gear, established the transient conduction differential equation...
Authors: Jin Song Bao, Hong Kui Feng, Dian Liang Wu, Jin Ye
Abstract:To improve the maintainability, scalability, and reusability of models in complicated Missile Weapon System simulation, the system of a...
Authors: Jing Feng, Jian Li Zhang
Abstract:Nonlinear vibration in turning long-thin axis becomes one of the instable factors of the quality. Mathematical models are built based on this...
Authors: Fang Cao, Yong Wang
Abstract:According to the real structure and work condition of a large-scale gas control valve used in recycling generating electricity project, a...
Authors: Zhui Liang Huang, Shu Wen Lin, Dao Ying Jiang
Abstract:In allusion to the problem of data sampling interpolation error which exists in continuous micro-line segments interpolation algorithm with...
Authors: Xiao Jun Wang, Wen Hui Yue, Zi Qiang Han
Abstract:As a sustainable model of modern manufacturing industry, green manufacturing is one of the essential solutions of the manufacturing...
Authors: Dong Xiang Shao, Jian Li, Ru Lin, Guang Lin Wang
Abstract:The jet-pan is a key part of jet-pan servo valve, working performance of the servo valve is directly affected by the machining quality. This...
Authors: Ya Fei Lu, Da Peng Fan, De Jun Sheng, Zhi Yong Zhang
Abstract:A brief overview of previously built Electro-Optical Tracking system reveals a trend toward smaller, more agile systems. Steel cable drive...
Authors: Zi Qiang Han, Wen Hui Yue, Xiao Jun Wang
Abstract:Green manufacturing is a modern manufacturing pattern taking comprehensive consideration of the environmental influence and resources...
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