Monte Carlo Simulation and Applications in Design and Manufacture of Nanostructures


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This paper provides a review of Monte Carlo (MC) method and its applications in mechanical engineering. MC simulation is a class of computational algorithms which require repeated random sampling and statistical analysis to calculate the results. The basic principles, formulas and recent development of Monte Carlo method are firstly discussed briefly, and then the applications of MC simulations in the design and manufacturing of nanostructures are reviewed. Finally, we briefly introduce MC simulation of morphology evolution of machined surface, which come from our recent work.



Edited by:

Guanglin Wang, Huifeng Wang, Jun Liu and Xilin Zhu




X. L. Hu et al., "Monte Carlo Simulation and Applications in Design and Manufacture of Nanostructures", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 305, pp. 154-158, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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