Study on Rainwater Fast Drain-Collection System in Campus Main-Road


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This study was focus on rainwater fast drain-collection system in campus main-road at typical southern rainy climate, from aspects of modified pavement materials, road optimized design and rainwater collection technology and etc. The results indicated the possible measure to improve the campus main-road drainage ability was firstly applied rubblization technology of cement concrete pavement, then paved rubber open-graded asphalt with 10-15cm thickness, meanwhile kept road surface jointing with the rain inlet. The color-road theory application could improve the sidewalk design of the main road in the campus, beautify the road environment, guide the walker flow direction, enhance the road discharge and traffic safety capacity. The urban rainwater of initial 15 minutes should be discarded, according to period rainwater quality data analyzed in this experiment. A mechanical Split-flow pool was design with 500L volume for collecting 15 minutes later rainwater of Xingyuan main-road in Zhejiang Normal University. This collection rainwater with correctly treated could be reused to irrigation, sprinkle and Landscape water in campus.



Edited by:

Guanglin Wang, Huifeng Wang, Jun Liu and Xilin Zhu






N. Fu et al., "Study on Rainwater Fast Drain-Collection System in Campus Main-Road", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 305, pp. 311-314, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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