Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Cai Yang, Min Li Zheng, Yi Hang Fan, De Qiang Zhang, Ying Bin Li

Abstract: In order to obtain the influences of cutting edge radius on cutting deformation in high-speed machining Ti6Al4V, cutting temperature,...

Authors: Bin Wang, Ke Zhang, Mei Liang, Wei Luo

Abstract: This paper researched on the characteristic of circle, line and area of 2-D mechanical parts. The non-contact vision inspection system is...

Authors: Da Lei Li, Yue Feng Yin, Fang Fang Ding

Abstract: The conical spring is one critical part of DANA MHR-3200 series Transmission, its structure is compact and it has good stability and used...

Authors: Yong Yu, Xi Lin Zhu, Chang Song Xue, An Feng Hui

Abstract: It plays an important role to detect gauge between high signal and contact net in railway safe, to provide safe guarantee for railway...

Authors: Gui Liang Chen, Ji Zhao

Abstract: Making large automatic device for polishing freeform surface of large mold has many disadvantages. We propose a new thinking of polishing...

Authors: Jun Liu, Guang Lin Wang, Jie Wang, Xu Dong Pan

Abstract: Aiming at the problem of gross error in datasets of form tolerance pneumatic measurement, which have the characteristics of small sample and...

Authors: Bin Jiang, Hong Jun Yao, Dan Hua Xia, Ying Li, Hong Xu

Abstract: In high speed milling hardened steel, cutting performance of cutter is uncertainty because hardness distribution and machining elements...

Authors: Zi Hua Hu, You Ren Zhan, Man Ke Gao

Abstract: The coordinated control of machining quality and efficiency is the ultimate goal for the next generation NURBS curve interpolation...

Authors: Wan Lu Xu, Jian Bo Cao, Shi Ju E, Jia Ji, Jia Jiang, Jie Yu, Ruo Yang Wang

Abstract: In order to alleviate the conflict among economic development, energy, and environment, the research and experimental analysis for the...

Authors: Ling Yan Sun, Qin Xiang Xia, Xiu Quan Cheng, Bang Yan Ye

Abstract: Spin-forming is a new technique for manufacturing the rotationally symmetric component with internal teeth, such as internal spline and...


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