Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Zhong Zhou, Ju Long Yuan

Abstract: In order to kinematic simulate the lapping process with the semi-fixed abrasive plate; a fractal modeling of the semi-fixed abrasive lapping...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liu, Xiao Wang

Abstract: The shock wave and quasi-static state gas that were created by tradition block holing would influence the wall-rock and damage it in...

Authors: Ying Zhang, Zhao Zhong Zhou, Ju Long Yuan, Chong Da Lu

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of ultra-precision processing, the semi-fixed abrasive plate (SFAP) is developed to reduce or eliminate...

Authors: Jun Liu, Sheng Wang, Xiao Lei Wang, Wen Kui Ma

Abstract: The greenhouse robots are regard as the research object, the essential conception and classification of the robots as well as the developing...

Authors: Hui Feng Wang, Guang Lin Wang, Qi Wen Zeng, Ze Sheng Lu

Abstract: A device used in measuring composite stiffness of armature components (CSAC) is developed according to the proposed definition of CSAC....

Authors: Yi Hang Fan, Min Li Zheng, De Qing Zhang, Shu Cai Yang, Ming Ming Cheng

Abstract: Experiment of cylindrical dry turning Ti6Al4V has been carried out employing coated and uncoated carbide tools to determine the...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Min Li Zheng, Ming Ming Cheng

Abstract: A model of micro surface topography interacted by the tool vibration is constructed according to working process characteristics and quality...

Authors: Dong Xin Huang, Shou Xin Zhu

Abstract: Virtual enterprise (VE) is considered as the organization form of agile manufacturing, but what are virtual enterprises virtualize? There is...

Authors: Bin Wang, Yong Bin Wei, Jing De Chen

Abstract: This paper researched on metallographic image analysis of primary phase morphology in semi-solid alloys. The image processing and...

Authors: Ting Zhang, Yong He, Jian Zhong Fu

Abstract: The geometric structures of the mold and embossing conditions can obviously influence the filling flows in the polymeric patterns. In this...


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