Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Yang, Xin Qiu, Xiang Shen

Abstract: In order to effectively control the influence of Concentration Polarization (CP) during the nanofiltration separating wastewater process,...

Authors: Man Dong Zhang, Ming Lv

Abstract: In general, using electroplating CBN hard gear-honing-tools with standard involute, the vicinity of the workpiece tooth pitch circle will be...

Authors: Dong Yun Wang, Yu Zhang

Abstract: The energy saving of hydraulic excavator meets it’s bottle-neck. The load characteristic and working condition are analyzed. And the...

Authors: Qing Yang, Xin Qiu, Xiang Shen

Abstract: The study discussed the desalination effect of influence factors (operation pressure, salt concentration, pH, ionic valence and etc.) for...

Authors: Yan Ming Quan, Hao Xu, Zhi Yong Ke

Abstract: The variety of surface emissivity of carbide insert P10 against temperature raise is calibrated with antitheses. The influence of high...

Authors: Xi Lin Zhu, Jian Bo Cao, Yong Yu, An Feng Hui, Jia Jun Chen

Abstract: Traditional coating shell marking process is complex, has long production period, high labor intensity, and endangers health. In order to...

Authors: Hong Pan, Wen Lei Sun, Lian Ying He

Abstract: Wind turbine blade is one of the key components of wind turbine, and its aerodynamic performance largely determine the reliability of wind...

Authors: Xin Qiu, Qing Yang, Sheng Hua Wang, Abdallah Yusuph

Abstract: Braking process condition of electric bicycles is crucial importance to its safe driving behavior. Based on the Newton's law and basic...

Authors: Xiao Zhong Ren, Feng Kun Xie, Jian Xin Su

Abstract: A software system for CNC dressing involute grinding wheel was developed. When the ordinary grinding wheel was used in gear form grinding,...

Authors: Ming Li Sun, Ming Qiang Wang, De Wu, Qi Chen, Guang Zhang

Abstract: This paper shows how to model two immiscible fluids, tracking the fluid-fluid interface with the level set method. An oil bubble rises...


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