Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Chun Liang, Xing Lei Hu, Jia Xuan Chen

Abstract: Monte Carlo (MC) method is adopted to simulate the morphology evolution of machined surface. One specimen is first scratched in MD...

Authors: Si Zhu Zhou, Xin Bin Hu, Chao Li, Xiao Wei Wang

Abstract: Crankshaft in truck mounted petroleum compressor is constrained by space concerns, design is difficult. In this paper, primary structure...

Authors: Na Jun Wang, Yu Tang, Peng Wang

Abstract: The paper studies gear chamfering process and carries out process of gear chamfering based on the tooth profile accompanying principle....

Authors: Lian Xia, Jiang Han, Nian En Zhu

Abstract: Through applying the technology of the wireless mobile communication and the wireless sensor network of the internet of things in modern...

Authors: Nan Fu, Qing Yang, Dong Xuan Cai, Sheng He Wang, Shuai Shi

Abstract: This study was focus on rainwater fast drain-collection system in campus main-road at typical southern rainy climate, from aspects of...

Authors: Zhu Ying, Chang Hui Li, Wen Peng Gao

Abstract: To realize the automatic sorting before electrical testing of condoms, the position of condom ring needs to be discriminated with image...

Authors: Jian Ming Wen, Ji Jie Ma, Zhong Hua Zhang, Guang Ming Cheng, Jun Wu Kan

Abstract: Because of the shortage of related research,active valve,as the key composing part of piezoelectric pump, had very important influence on...

Authors: Wen Jian Huo, Xin Hua Yao, Jian Zhong Fu

Abstract: Rotating spindle is the main heat source of machine tool. However, it is hard for the traditional wired sensors to get access to the...

Authors: Ji Jie Ma, Jian Ming Wen, Ping Zeng, Jun Wu Kan, Zhong Hua Zhang

Abstract: A new type of the micro-displacement device based on V-shaped groove by using piezoelectric stack as the driver was presented. The...

Authors: Lei Yang, Dong Yun Wang, Wen Ya Chen, Yan Weng

Abstract: The speed fluctuation rate is a bit large in the present universal hydraulic material testing machine, especially when automatic loading...


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