Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Lu, Sheng Dong Gao, Zhao Peng Hao

Abstract: Motorized spindle thermal deformation is a major factor affecting the accuracy of high-speed machine tool, previous studies have focused on...

Authors: Hong Yun Wang, Hui Qiang Zheng

Abstract: The mechanical properties of a magnetorheological (MR) fluid in shearing, compression and shearing after compression have been studied in...

Authors: Zhong Hua Zhang, Guang Ming Cheng, Jun Wu Kan, Ping Zeng, Jian Ming Wen

Abstract: The development of new materials and the performance improvement of existing materials become an important subject from different aspects....

Authors: Xi Li, Dan Feng Feng

Abstract: The relationship between cutting load and motor current of CNC machine tools is an important part for research in intelligent control...

Authors: Ke Hua Zhang, Li Min, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: A half of covering angle processing method is proposed for optimizing process efficiency and quality with ball-end tool axis tilt. Firstly,...

Authors: Qing Ping Gao

Abstract: A vehicle routing problem of hazardous materials transportation is studied in this paper. Firstly, the maximum permissible flow of the road...

Authors: Ning Li, Xi Ping Li, Guang Ming Cheng

Abstract: Ni-Mo alloys have been studied as a prospected cathode for its higher hydrogen evolution reaction properties than other binary compounds....

Authors: Ke Zhang, Han Pin Luo

Abstract: Computer stereo vision has been paid high attention in areas such as industry measurement and automatic control. Calibration of stereo...

Authors: Hong Xu, Ning Li, Wei Zeng Chen, Bao De Jing

Abstract: A variety of foamed Ni-Mo alloys coatings have been obtained using pulsed electrodeposition technique. The deposit is mainly composed of...

Authors: Li Zhong Zhao, Ji Hong Yan, Yan Bin Wang

Abstract: The crux of injection mold manufacturing optimize scheduling is the job time dispatching in operation level. In the injection mold...


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