Progress in Manufacturing Automation Technologies

Volume 305

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Shuo Li, Hua Wen Liu

Abstract: Anycast routing can raise the QoS of networks and offers load-balance, it is the leading issue in the domain of computer, electric and...

Authors: Xin Qiu, Qing Yang, Lan Yun Chen

Abstract: Based on the assumption of thin plate of elastic foundation and vibration theory, a method for calculating the fundamental natural frequency...

Authors: Lan Yun Chen, Xin Qiu, Xin Kuan Wang, Qing Yang

Abstract: Using RAP to reproduce new mixtures helps to reduce new material consumption, minimizes the exploitation of natural resources and brings...

Authors: Lan Yun Chen, Zhuo Hong Cong, Qing Long You, Nan Xiang Zheng

Abstract: The rapid development of automotive brought a lot of accumulation of waste tires. Waste tire crumb rubber mixed with asphalt not only...

Authors: Yong Xiang Li, Fu Jin Yu, Yu Lei Chen, Li Na Che

Abstract: To achieve the structural stability of the mast of rotary drilling rig in the course of construction, analysis theory and method of FEM is...

Authors: Bao De Jing, Bin Bin Lv, Zeng Jun Pan, Long Yi, Zhu Ge Gang, Jian Yu Jiang

Abstract: The article will give information about the status of sea water pump technology research, carry out the analysis of the water pump slipper,...

Authors: Peng Qi Zhang, Qing Lin He, Yin Yan Wang

Abstract: The paper introduces the working principle of the sequential turbo-charging (STC) system of multi-turbocharger. To improve low-load...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Guo Ji Wang

Abstract: The research investigates two kinds basic problems during the precision processing about turbo molecular pump rotor using 5-axis machining...

Authors: Yong Hua Jiang, Hong Xu, Guang Ming Cheng, Jian Ming Wen, Ji Jie Ma

Abstract: The natural frequency of large engineering structures are very low and closely, and it’s very difficult to excite the structures by exciter,...

Authors: Su Yi Zheng, Xiao Mei Li, Xiao Yu Feng, Chen Jian Li, Xi Lu

Abstract: With the popularization of computer aided teaching in colleges and universities, practice and exam by computer has become an inevitable...


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