Semisolid Die-Casting Process of Mg-20Al-0.8Zn Magnesium Alloy


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Based on microstructure evolution of Mg-20Al-0.8Zn magnesium alloys realized by semisolid isothermal heat-treatment (SSIT), we obtained the non-dendrite or spherical grains microstructure under the suitable technological parameters that isothermal temperature is 495 °C and holding time is 120 min. With the help of special experimental equipment, the semisolid die-casting process has been studied and the specimens have been analyzed. The effects of different parameters as injection speed and pressure on tensile strength, elongation rate, hardness, etc have been investigated. The results indicate that tensile strength was improved along with increasing injection speed and pressure. However, excessive speed will involve gas, which formed defects and reduced the mechanical properties. When the injection pressure is 40MPa and injection speed is 4m/s, the tensile strength and elongation rate can reach maximal 220MPa and 5.63% respectively. Its fracture mechanism was intercrystalline cracking.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 306-307)

Edited by:

Shiquan Liu and Min Zuo






F. Y. Yan et al., "Semisolid Die-Casting Process of Mg-20Al-0.8Zn Magnesium Alloy", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 306-307, pp. 539-543, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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