The Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panel with Overall Buckling


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The post-buckling behavior of a stiffened panel is investigated in this paper. Firstly, the buckling mode of the stiffened panel is obtained using the linear buckling eigenvalue method. Then, the collapsing strength of the stiffened panel is calculated using the ultimate strength method based on large deflection orthotropic plate theory. In addition, nonlinear finite element analysis is performed to predict the post-buckling behavior of the stiffened panel. By comparing the model prediction and the analytical results of ultimate strength, it is shown that good accuracy can be achieved, especially for the method referring to membrane stress in mid-thickness of equivalent orthotropic plate. It suggests that the proposed method can predict the ultimate strength of whole stiffened panel accurately and effectively.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 308-310)

Edited by:

Jian Gao




B. Zhang and Q. Sun, "The Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panel with Overall Buckling", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 308-310, pp. 1297-1301, 2011

Online since:

August 2011





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