The Comparative Study on Less Tooth Differenced Teeth Profile of High Precision FA Pin-Cycloid Gear Transmission


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In High precision FA type pin-cycloid gear transmission, carrying capacity has always been sacrificed by using one tooth differenced of "Arch Back Teeth Profile" to achieve high precision transmission. Compared with one tooth differenced transmission, two teeth differenced transmission can have more teeth meshing at the same time, namely can have better carrying capacity than one tooth differenced. In order to simultaneously satisfy high-precision transmission and high bearing capacity, this paper do a comparative study on two kinds of less teeth differenced FA pin-cycloidtransmission.Through theoretical analysis, programming one type model calculated two kinds of teeth differenced cases geometric relative rotated angle, the tooth surface contact force and contact stress. Then do a comparative study and analysisaccording to the calculated results.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 308-310)

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Jian Gao






T. M. Guan et al., "The Comparative Study on Less Tooth Differenced Teeth Profile of High Precision FA Pin-Cycloid Gear Transmission", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 308-310, pp. 2224-2229, 2011

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August 2011




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