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Authors: Thomas Prevenslik
Abstract:High quantum dot (QD) efficiency may be explained by excitons generated in the quantum electrodynamics (QED) confinement of electromagnetic...
Authors: Harry L. Kwok
Abstract:Hall measurement is an effective means to measure carrier density and mobility in metals and semiconductors. This work examined the carrier...
Authors: A. Soltani Vala, J. Barvestani, M. Kalafi
Abstract:An analytical direct matching procedure within the Kronig-Penney model applied to analyze the dispersion behavior of the localized surface...
Authors: Wen Xiu Que, M. Sun, C.Y. Jia, L. Cheng, Zhuo Sun, L.L. Wang, X. Hu
Abstract:Titania/organically modified silanes (ormosils) organic-inorganic hybrid thin films doped with azobenzene small molecules are prepared by a...
Authors: Wen Xiu Que, X.M. Ren, W. Zhang, W.J. Jiang, Y. Gao, X. Hu
Abstract:Titania/organically modified silane hybrid thin films for photonic applications were prepared by combining a low temperature sol-gel...
Authors: Zong You Yin, Xiao Hong Tang, Ji Xuan Zhang, Deny Sentosa, Jing Hua Teng, An Yan Du, Mee Koy Chin
Abstract:Morphology and crystal-quality of InAs/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP quantum dots (QDs) grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (MOVPE) in N2...
Authors: Y.P. Liu, Y.P. Guo, Z.J. Yan, C.M. Huang, Y.Y. Wang
Abstract:Three dimensional (3D) SiO2 photonic crystals films were fabricated on quartz substrate by vertical deposition method. The effects of...
Authors: N. Begum, A.S. Bhatti, M. Piccin, G. Bais, F. Jabeen, S. Rubini, F. Martelli, A. Franciosi
Abstract:Self-assembled nanowires have attracted much attention due to their potential applications in electronics and optoelectronics. A recent...
Authors: Ming Wu, Hai Rong Liu, Wei Jun Tong, De Xiu Huang
Abstract:In this paper we have proposed a photonic crystal structure to enhance the coupling efficiency between photonic crystal waveguide (PCW) and...
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