Semiconductor Photonics: Nano-Structured Materials and Devices

Volume 31

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: P.T. Huy, T.T. An, N.D. Chien, Do Jin Kim

Abstract: ZnO nanostructures with different morphologies of nanorods, nanoneedles, nanowires, and nanobelts have been synthesized by thermal...

Authors: X.H. Zhang, Soo Jin Chua, A.M. Yong, S.Y. Chow, H.Y. Yang, S.P. Lau, S.F. Yu, X.W. Sun

Abstract: Using a simple process of the deposition of ZnO thin films on SiOx/Si substrates and subsequent thermal annealing, we fabricated ZnO...

Authors: P.T. Huy, P.H. Duong

Abstract: Photoluminescence (PL) from silicon nanocrystals deposited on top of silica-glass template and from silicon nanocrystals in nc_Si/SiO2...

Authors: Deny Sentosa, Xiao Hong Tang, Soo Jin Chua, Zong You Yin

Abstract: Photoluminescence (PL) measurement shows an additional peak with stronger and broader emission at lower photon energy besides the energy...

Authors: Goh Boon Tong, Siti Meriam Ab. Gani, Saadah Abdul Rahman

Abstract: Hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si:H) films produced by layer-by-layer (LBL) deposition technique were studied. The films were...

Authors: Y.Y. Tay, S. Li, M.L. Liang
Authors: M.F. Casco, J.V. Misa, M. Defensor, Alipio Garcia, A. Salvador
Authors: R.K. Singha, K. Das, S. Das, A. Dhar, S.K. Ray

Abstract: We report the self-assembled growth of Ge islands of different shapes and sizes on p-Si (001) by r.f. magnetron sputtering by varying the...

Authors: Eduardo R. Magdaluyo, Ian Harvey J. Arellano, Alvin Karlo G. Tapia, Roland V. Samargo, Leon M. Payawan

Abstract: The photoluminescence of the diverse nanostructures of nonstoichiometric ZnO grown via carbothermal reduction at 900°C was investigated....

Authors: B. Dong, W.J. Fan, Y.X. Dang

Abstract: The band structures and optical gain spectra of GaAsSbN/GaAs compressively strained quantum well (QW) were studied using 10-band k.p...


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