Semiconductor Photonics: Nano-Structured Materials and Devices

Volume 31

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jong Bin Yeo, Hyun Yong Lee

Abstract: In this study, we found out the new fabrication process condition for Photonic crystals(PCs). PCs were fabricated by holographic...

Authors: M.Z.A. Malik, M.T. Zainuddin, A.M. Abdullah, A. Isnin

Abstract: SiO2-TiO2 systems were extensively investigated in sol-gel process to fabricate passive optical planar waveguides, channel waveguides,...

Authors: D.S. Li, W.J. Fan, Y.X. Dang, B.S. Ma, D.H. Zhang, S.F. Yoon

Abstract: We report the design, characterization and fabrication of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors (QWIPs) to achieve intersubband...

Authors: Jae Chul Song, D.H. Kang, Seon Ho Lee, Eun Su Jang, Dong Wook Kim, Kannappan Santhakumar, Cheul Ro Lee

Abstract: Vertical GaN nano-columns arrays were grown on Au-coated silicon (111) substrate by Au+Ga alloy seeding method and pulsed flow of Gallium...

Authors: D.H. Kang, Jae Chul Song, H. Song, Dong Wook Kim, I.H. Lee, Kannappan Santhakumar, Cheul Ro Lee

Abstract: Structural and optical properties of gallium nitride (GaN) epilayers grown on lens shape patterned sapphire substrate (PSS) using...

Authors: N.D. Chien, H.V. Chung, P.T. Huy, Do Jin Kim, Maurizio Ferrari

Abstract: Manganese (Mn) and copper (Cu) doping of ZnS nanowires was achieved by thermal evaporation of Mn, Cu doped ZnS nanopowders. Field emission...

Authors: Li Gao, Qing Feng Yan, C.C. Wong, Yet Ming Chiang

Abstract: Convective self-assembly of colloidal spheres provides a simple method for fabricating two and three dimensional colloidal crystals. In...

Authors: Kannappan Santhakumar, D.H. Kang, Jae Chul Song, Dong Wook Kim, J.S. Kim, M.D. Kim, Cheul Ro Lee

Abstract: Vertically aligned GaN nanocolumn arrays were grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Gallium coated silicon substrate. The dense packing of the...

Authors: N. Pankaow, S. Panyakeow, S. Ratanathammaphan

Abstract: We have demonstrated the fabrication of InGaAs ring-like nanostructures by dropletepitaxy technique using molecular-beam epitaxy....

Authors: Shi Zhen Huang, Wei Lin, Wen Zhe Chen

Abstract: By thermal decomposition, WO3 nanosized material was prepared as sensitive material and doped SiO2 nanosized material has been prepared...


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