Antioxidiation of Extract of Chinese Quince on Oil


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Purposes: antioxidation of Extract of Chinese Quince on Oil was studied in this paper. Methods: the extract of Chinese Quince was prepared first, then to mixed with lard or peanut oil, in order to determinate their antioxidation. Results: the results showed that the extract of water, 50%alcohol,50% methanol and acetic ester had antioxidation on lard and peanut oil. Conclusion: in comparison, it was found that the effect of antioxidation of 50% methanol and water were preferably, and water was the premium. Chinese Quince is the fruit of Common Floweringquince that belongs to family of Rosaceae. Its Chinese name Mugua was first found in , also called Mao or Tiejiaoli in several other Chinese traditional medicine books such as and . For example, Li shizhen said that according to Mao is another name of Mugua. Guopu commented that Mugua is like a small melon which is eatable and that is what the name is after. wrote as ”Mugua is nowadays very popular, while it is of the best type in the city of XuanCheng. Its tree is like a nai tree. Its flowers are in dark red and blossom in the late spring. Its fruits are of size up to water mellon and down to fist. The people in Xuanzhou are good at cultivating Mugua. They plant Mugua in the valleys. When the fruits are ripe they will put them under sunlight and the fruits will turn into red.” Mugua tastes sore and are tender in character. It is good for liver and spleen. It can be used for relaxing muscles, removing body moist and tending stomach [1-5]. Recently the research on its effective factors and the corresponding development of functional food has become an important area. Although the wine making by fermentation of Chinese quince has been reported, the research on the antioxidation effects of extract of Chinese Quince on oil is rather limited. Therefore, we are aiming at providing more theoretical support for discovering the resource of Chinese Quince by focusing on the antioxidation effects of Chinese Quince.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 311-313)

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Zhongning Guo






S. Y. Huang "Antioxidiation of Extract of Chinese Quince on Oil", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 311-313, pp. 1705-1708, 2011

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August 2011





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