A Method of Dual Number for the Aerodynamic Property Analysis of Gas-Lubricated Mechanism:Self-Pressurizing Thrust Bearings and Non-Contacting Face Seals


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By using dual number, the dynamic property of gas-lubricated thrust bearings or non-contacting face seals is analyzed in the small perturbation approximation, then an essential conclude, that the perturbation dynamic Reynolds’ equations independently of its whirl frequency, is advanced. According to this, the calculation of the stiffness and damping coefficients independently of system motion equations of bearings and seals is expedited.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 311-313)

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Zhongning Guo




W. F. Xu et al., "A Method of Dual Number for the Aerodynamic Property Analysis of Gas-Lubricated Mechanism:Self-Pressurizing Thrust Bearings and Non-Contacting Face Seals", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 311-313, pp. 360-369, 2011

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August 2011




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