Effect of Forging on Microstruture and Mechanical Properties of In Situ TiBw/Ti Composite


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Ti-6Al-2.5Sn-4Zr-0.7Mo-0.3Si-0.3Y alloy matrix composite reinforced with 7%vol TiB whiskers was fabricated by Induction Skull Melting (ISM) technique and one-direction forged technology utilizing the reaction between titanium and TiB2. The microstructure, room temperature and high temperature mechanical properties have been presented and discussed. Microstructural analysis of the composites revealed that the microstructure was significantly refined and TiB whiskers were made to align the longitudinal direction after forging. It shows that the tensile strength and ductility of the composites has a significant improvement, especially at room temperature.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 311-313)

Edited by:

Zhongning Guo




Y. Chen et al., "Effect of Forging on Microstruture and Mechanical Properties of In Situ TiBw/Ti Composite", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 311-313, pp. 43-47, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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