A Performance Evaluation of Printing RFID Tags


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Printing RFID tag is a potential substitute for etching RFID tag as it has advantages in metal waste and substrate selection due to its addictive process. An evaluation of printing tags is conducted on their performance and reliability. It is observed that low printing tag antenna resistance results from slow printing velocity, low printing pressure, high curing temperature as well as long curing time. Printing tags have an equidistant read range with etching tags in the case of low printing antenna resistance when chips are bound to printing tag antennae. Furthermore, printing tags are comparable to etching tags in the sensitivity to environmental temperature and humidity under alternative and constant temperature-humidity tests. It is also demonstrated a weaker ability for printing tags to withstand the mechanical stress than etching tags under the bend test. Experimental results show that printing tags have better performance when their antenna resistances are low.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 314-316)

Edited by:

Jian Gao






L. Xu and H. M. Huang, "A Performance Evaluation of Printing RFID Tags", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 314-316, pp. 1321-1324, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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