The Research and Application of Smoke-Free Low-Noise Environment-Friendly Ground Flare


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This paper offers many advantages of smoke-free low-noise environment-friendly ground flare in comparison to traditional elevated flare in performance and technology, briefly summarizes the research status and development trends of ground flare at home and abroad. This paper makes a more detailed analysis and description focusing on the application of smoke-free low-noise environment-friendly ground flare in petrochemical industry. At the premise of safety, reliablity and environmental protection, how to study the new ground flare, in aspects such as dealing capability, combustion efficiency and control mode of flare burner, is the major direction of petrochemical waste gas treatment device in future development.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 317-319)

Edited by:

Xin Chen






J. X. Dong and J. Gu, "The Research and Application of Smoke-Free Low-Noise Environment-Friendly Ground Flare", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 317-319, pp. 2404-2408, 2011

Online since:

August 2011





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