Frontiers in Materials Science and Technology

Volume 32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Xiang Bai, Hao Ran Chen, Qing Wang, Cheng Yan

Abstract: Based on the first order shear deformation plate theory, a numerical analysis model of composite laminated plates with distributed PZT...

Authors: Qiang Yuan, Dong Yang Wu, Stuart Bateman, Shirley Zhiqi Shen, C. Gloria-Esparza, Kenong Xia

Abstract: The conductivity and mechanical properties of carbon black (CB) filled polyethylene (PE) composites depend on the conductive filler,...

Authors: Ning Hu, Yutaka Zemba, Hisao Fukunaga

Abstract: In this paper, we have proposed a new cohesive model to stably and accurately simulate delamination propagations in composite laminates...

Authors: Meng Hou, Lin Ye

Abstract: The paper describes the manufacture of thin composite panels using high performance sheet moulding compound (SMC). Topics discussed within...

Authors: Jelena Muric-Nesic, Z. Stachurski, Paul Compston, N. Noble

Abstract: Eliminating common defects such as voids, bubbles and poor adhesion at interfaces will increase the quality of laminated sandwich composite...

Authors: Monika Bauer, O. Kahle, S. Landeck, C. Uhlig, R. Wurzel

Abstract: Lightweight design, using high performance composites, which directly yields a reduced need for fuel is in the focus of new developments...

Authors: Hai Bo Xie, Zheng Yi Jiang, Dong Bin Wei, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: Rolling temperature is an important factor affecting mechanical properties of hot rolled strip significantly. Traditional techniques cannot...

Authors: H.C. Li, Zheng Yi Jiang, A. Kiet Tieu, Wei Hua Sun, Hei Jie Li, Dong Bin Wei

Abstract: The consumption of work rolls in cold strip mills is significant. One of the key issues for work rolls is the surface roughness which...

Authors: Wei Hua Li, Xian Zhou Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents fabrication and characterizing of a new functional material, magnetorheological shear thickening fluid (MRSTF), by...

Authors: Xian Zhou Zhang, Wei Hua Li

Abstract: This paper presents the study of rheological and mechanical properties of MR elastomers fabricated using small and large particle. Analysis...


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