Frontiers in Materials Science and Technology

Volume 32

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ming Zhang, Zheng Yi Jiang, Hei Jie Li, Z. Fan, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: In twin-roll strip casting process, the temperature variation of casting roll can result in roll thermal stress and fatigue. It not only...

Authors: Zhong Xiao Peng, Steven Tomovich

Abstract: Quantitative surface measurement is an important field in many applications including materials science and engineering quality control. A...

Authors: Header Haddad, Syed H. Masood, Abul B.M. Saifullah

Abstract: Design of gate location is a crucial factor in achieving product quality in injection moulding. It Influences the manner of plastic flow...

Authors: Dong Bin Wei, Zheng Yi Jiang, Cheng Lu, Ying De Tang, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: It was impossible to obtain the transverse friction along the strip width in most previous studies of cold strip rolling because the...

Authors: Chaiy Rungsiyakull, Qing Li, Wei Li, Richard Appleyard, Michael Swain

Abstract: This paper provides a preliminary understanding in biomechanics with respect to a fullyporous- coated (FPC) dental implant. A 2D multiscale...

Authors: Manoj Khanal, Ying Zheng, Zeng Tao Chen

Abstract: Effects of cement properties on stress distributions at the dentin-cement-post interfaces have been studied using 3D explicit finite...

Authors: Hung Kha, Sigrid Tuble, Shankar Kalyanasundaram, Richard E. Williamson

Abstract: Illuminating fundamental aspects of plant cell wall mechanics will lead to novel biological and engineering inspired strategies for...

Authors: Xiao Fei Song, Ling Yin

Abstract: Failure rate is noticeably high in dental bioceramics for restorations even though progress has been made in reinforcement of the...

Authors: H. Wang, Zhi Ming Shi, K. Yang

Abstract: Drawbacks associated with permanent metallic implants lead to the search for degradable metallic biomaterials. Magnesium alloys have been...

Authors: X. Miao

Abstract: Porous biomaterials including porous bioceramics play important roles for hard tissue replacement and regeneration. I this paper, porous...


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