Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Wei Zhou, Hui Zhi Zou, Shuai Yan

Abstract: In the process of making strategies, modern enterprise should not only collect internal information but also pay attention to the external...

Authors: Hui Zhi Zou, Hai Wei Zhou, Shuai Yan

Abstract: Information is inseparable from decision. Competitive information is crucial for enterprise’s strategy decision-making. But in the process...

Authors: Pu Yu, Jie Li, Lin Qi Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, a novel driving scheme using non-sinusoidal periodic signal is proposed, which is based on the driving principle of...

Authors: Wang Jian, Rui Lin Zhong, Chang Qing Cai, Hong Yao, Zhang Yue, Jing An Ding

Abstract: According to the measurement principle of magnetic parameter of weight, the influence of reading stability for measuring magnetism of weight...

Authors: Qin Li, Zhi Bin Li, Qi Zhang

Abstract: As one of the most important electric equipment for reliable power supply, the secure operation of power transformer must be guaranteed....

Authors: Su Fen Li, Yan Shang, Di Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the coupled thermal conduction and groundwater advection heat transfer model was developed according to the heat-transfer...

Authors: Su Fen Li, Shi Yao Liu, Yan Shang, Guo Fu Du

Abstract: A 3-D numerical model was developed to simulate the distribution characteristics and influencing factors on geo-temperature field of...

Authors: Yang He, Su Fen Li

Abstract: This paper presents one on-line model for energy efficiency calculation and analysis. The computation model of combustion rate and other...

Authors: Zhi Duan Cai, Wu Ming He, Pei Liang Wang, Shou Jiang Cai

Abstract: The heating model of pre-heating storage in advance during the valley period of electricity is proposed to solve the intermittent heating...

Authors: Mohsen Ghahramani Nick, J. Akbari, Mohamad.R. Movahhedy, S.Mehdi Hoseini

Abstract: Ultrasonic assisted machining (UAM) is an efficient nontraditional machining operation for brittle, hard-to-cut and poor-machinability...


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