Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hua Dou, Ren Zhong Liu, Xin Zheng Cheng

Abstract: The thesis designs and develops the system for Housing space information in Wuhan based on WebGIS and Oracle. this system by applied case...

Authors: Jing Li, Long Xue, Mu Hua Liu, Ping Lv, Lin Yuan Yan

Abstract: Vis/NIR spectroscopy was used to measure the moisture content of ginger. 330 samples were separated into two groups, as training and...

Authors: Jing Li, Long Xue, Mu Hua Liu, Xiao Wang, Chun Sheng Luo

Abstract: A hyperspectral imaging system for detecting defect on navel orange was demonstrated. The hyperspectral imaging system, which was a...

Authors: Hua Li, Zhi Cheng Xu, Shu Qing Wang

Abstract: Aiming at a kind of uncertainties of models in complex industry processes, a novel method for selecting robust parameters is stated in the...

Authors: Qian Wang, Zi Ming Xu

Abstract: Gate location and number setting are the key technology in injection molding. Flow direction and balanced flow of polymer depend on gate...

Authors: Wei Sun

Abstract: By selection of a series of indicators, this paper study evaluation of Chinese new manufacturing development. Factor analysis method is used...

Authors: Sergey Krutchinsky, Vasiliy Bespyatov, Alexander Korolev, Eugeniy Zhebrun, Anton Zolotarev

Abstract: The feature of implementing of loops with self-compensation of CMOS transistors differential resistance in the gain stages is reviewed....

Authors: Heng Yuan, Bo Wang, Se Hyuk Yeom, Kyu Jin Kim, Dae Hyuk Kwon, Shin Won Kang

Abstract: Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) gas sensor based on gated lateral bipolar junction transistor (LBJT) was developed in this study. The...

Authors: Heng Yuan, Kyu Jin Kim, Se Hyuk Yeom, Byoung Ho Kang, Bo Wang, Dae Hyuk Kwon, Shin Won Kang

Abstract: In this study, for assembling the nanorods which are synthesized by electrochemical deposition (ECD) method, computer simulation tool...

Authors: Hong Wei Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the problem about optimal iterative learning control of general nonlinear discrete-time systems has been studied. Based on...


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