Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luo Heng Yan, Zhong Min Huangfu

Abstract: The purpose of reverse engineering is to convert a large points cloud into a CAD model. Parameters extraction for rotational surface from...

Authors: Yuan Luo, Yu Xie

Abstract: An approach of hand gesture recognition, setting the orientation histogram of the picture as the characteristic vector of hand gesture, is...

Authors: Cheng Jiang Yin

Abstract: In this paper, we consider extended complementarity problem(ECP) in engineering modeling. To solve the problem, first, under the suitable...

Authors: Ying Lian Wang, Yue Hui Hu, Jun Yao Ye

Abstract: Al-doped ZnO thin films were prepared by sol-gel process. Structural features and surface morphology were studied by XRD and AFM. The...

Authors: De Qiang He, Qi Yang Liu, Liang Xin Li, Jian Miao

Abstract: An automatic identification method for the cane-end of sugarcane based on digital image processing is given considering the characteristic...

Authors: Jing Zhou

Abstract: A robust parameter-depended reduced order(RPRO) fault detection filter(FDF) is designed. Contrary to the parameter-depended uncertainty...

Authors: Guo Sheng Wang, Kang Jun Wang, Jia Hou, Ying Ming Wang, Chang Yi Kong

Abstract: Magnesium borate ball of wires, nanowires and petaliforms were prepared via calcination of magnesium borate hydroxide synthesized by...

Authors: Chan Yuan Liu

Abstract: A method of optimal idea, in the paper, is used to process geomagnetic sensor data. The curve fitting by use of the method is more...

Authors: Bo Wang, Jin Feng Mao, Li Jun Wang

Abstract: An analysis was carried out to study the performance of straight rectangular fin with the psychometric correlations given by Hyland and...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Xiao Ping Miao, Rui Hai Wang, Bo Wang

Abstract: Whether the results of the dynamic heat flux from the underground engineering envelope are accurate, may influence the accuracy of...


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