Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Xu, Dong Hong Guo, Yao Xu

Abstract: Attapulgite clay (ATP) was modified by Silane coupling agent (KH-570) to creat more efficient sites for Cu(II) adsorption. The natural and...

Authors: Xue Min Ye, Shao Dong Ma, Chun Xi Li, Huan Wang

Abstract: The present paper used MATLAB digital image processing technology to solve the spreading images occurred by surfactant drop spreading on a...

Authors: Takuya Uehara

Abstract: In this paper, an approach for modeling transformation plasticity using a phase field model is presented. A conventional formula is utilized...

Authors: Hong Feng Sun, Ying Li, Yan Chun Yang, Liang Feng, Hong Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyses the traditional three-layer architecture of the Internet of things, proposes the SA/NIA five-layer architecture from the...

Authors: Cheng Chen, Hua Shun Yu, Jing Jing Zhang, Wei Zhang, Shou Hui Wang

Abstract: In this study, SiC particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite was successfully fabricated using powder metallurgy technique followed by...

Authors: Xian Bao Duan, Fu Cai Qian, Ya Qin Guo

Abstract: Formulations and numerical results for optimal shape design of a body located in the incompressible Stokes fluid flow are presented. The...

Authors: Chang Fa Li, Ji Guang Li

Abstract: In this work, hexagonal solid solutions of (Gd0.95Eu0.05)(OH)3 with two distinctive morphologies of...

Authors: Takashi Miyakawa, Hideo Nakamura, Shigeo Umezaki

Abstract: It is important for enterprise management to measure effectiveness of return on investment for machine and manufacturing system. It shall be...

Authors: Mao Deng, Zong Ming Wang, Chun Xue Zhang

Abstract: We present an easy approach to obtain the dynamic flow field with a moving body inside. Instead of popular interface boundaries, the...

Authors: Jiang Wei Ren, Dong Li, Pei Quan Xu

Abstract: A nanocrystallines surface layer was produced in Fe3Al intermetallic compound by surface mechanical attrition treatment (SMAT). The...


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