Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Song Ma, Chun Feng, Tian Ping Liu, Shi Hai Li

Abstract: This paper presents a GPU computing algorithm, used to accelerate the Continuous-based Discrete Element Method (CDEM). Using a NVIDIA GTX...

Authors: Ji Tang Liu, Zhao Song Ma, Shi Hai Li, Ying Zhao

Abstract: GPUs are high performance co-processors of CPU for scientific computing including CFD. We present an optimistic shared memory allocation...

Authors: Jing Cui, Yang Liu, Wei Zhong Li, Ning Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of material’s wettability on the droplet impact has been investigated by numerical apporach. The unsteady flow...

Authors: Jing Cui, Wei Zhong Li, Yang Liu

Abstract: The material’s wettability plays an important role in the field of micro-fluid flow. In this paper, the effect of material’s wettiability on...

Authors: Yu Feng Shi, Wen Ce Sun, Li Hua Shi, Jing Cui

Abstract: Effective thermal conductivity of granular porous media is investigated by experimental and numerical methods. Using the unsteady heat...

Authors: Kai Sheng Wang, Ru Hui He, Zhi Min Zhao

Abstract: In this study, the ultrasonic PZT transducers were used for exciting and receiving Lamb waves on NiTi alloy sheet. Lamb waves were measured...

Authors: Jan Pěnčík, Libor Matějka

Abstract: Use of waste materials is an actual topic that corresponds to current trends associated with the decreasing of power exigency and...

Authors: Min Yang, Hong Tao Cui, Hua Wei Chen, Qiong Dang

Abstract: Zinc hydroxystannate was widely used as green flame retardant and smoke suppression agent. In this paper, two different methods were used to...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liu, Jie Li, Nai Gen Zhou, Jian Ning Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the growth process of Ni deposited on the Cu() surface at 300K and 700K was simulated by molecular dynamics. The impact of...

Authors: Jin Dong Xin, Qing Gang Liu, Chao Liu, Ting Ting Li, Shi Yi Liu

Abstract: It is found that the phase position of p-component of reflected light changes with the metal film thickness, while the phase position of...


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