Key Engineering Materials and Computer Science

Volume 320

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yang Yuan

Abstract: Oil and gas are important energy minerals and strategic resources. Moreover, as their substitute, oil shale is the non-renewable fossil fuel...

Authors: Li Qun Hu, Chao Fan Wang

Abstract: In order to get the coarse aggregate particle gradation of cement treated base course core sample dilled form the pavement, an image...

Authors: Jian He, Tong Wang, Huan Wang

Abstract: As to reinforced concrete structure, the method to deal with the shortage of bearing capacity is one of the puzzles of structure...

Authors: Yuji Kotani, Hisaki Watari, Akihiro Watanabe

Abstract: In recent years global warming has become a worldwide problem. Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is one of the most important issues...

Authors: Yuji Kotani, Akihiro Watanabe, Hisaki Watari

Abstract: Prior knowledge of local increase in sheet metal thickness due to forming of products would contribute to decreasing total product weight by...

Authors: Dong Wei Gao, Qing Gong Ma, Xiao Ling Zhou, Jun Hua Li

Abstract: This task is based on the control of the MCU. In order to make it work, the first and foremost thing is to configure the interface among the...

Authors: Min Zhao, Ping Ping Song

Abstract: A quasi-min-max model predictive control (MPC) algorithm is proposed for constrained nonlinear system via an embedding approach. The...

Authors: Zhi Yong Peng, Hong Zhou Li, Jian Ming Liu

Abstract: The system was used control cubic packaging machine was implemented by C8051F020 CMOS chip. It can be used to package cubic the object...

Authors: Jin Yi Zhang, Meng Ling Ding, Chun Hua Wang, Jiao Li, Wan Lin Cai

Abstract: To effectively test the signal integrity problems on high-speed ultra-width buses, a test scheduling strategy which is based on the...


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