Laser Textured Black Silicon Solar Cells with Improved Efficiencies


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Femtosecond laser irradiation of silicon has been used for improving light absorption at its surface. In this work we demonstrate the successful implementation of femtosecond laser texturisation to enhance light absorption at Si solar cell surface. In order to adapt this technology into solar industry, the texturisation process is carried out in air ambient. The microstructure similar to what has been produced in vacuum can be made in air by using appropriate laser conditions. The texturised surface shows excellent optical properties with a reflectivity down to 7% without crystalline orientation dependence. Junction formation and metallisation proceeded after texturisation. Suns-Voc measurements are performed to evaluate the cell performance and decent electrical characteristics have been achieved.



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Helen Zhang and David Jin






X. Sedao et al., "Laser Textured Black Silicon Solar Cells with Improved Efficiencies", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 321, pp. 240-245, 2011

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August 2011




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