Advanced Research on Intelligent Materials and Mechanical Engineering

Volume 321

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lian Min Cao, Qing Liang Zeng, Xing Yuan Xiao, Jing Cui

Abstract: This paper mainly has stress analysis on the structure of hydraulic support, the analysis results largely reflect the force characteristics...

Authors: Hua Yang, Feng Jiang

Abstract: The crack density and crack growth rate are important parameters which are used to describe the fatigue damage and predict fatigue life of a...

Authors: Zhi Ming Wang, Dong Mei Tang, Guang Pu Wei, Zheng Bang Gong

Abstract: In this paper, a newly porterage robot as a manufacturing equipment of crystal silicon solar cell was introduced. Some problems in the...

Authors: Li Hua Wang

Abstract: A Tb (III) ternary complex luminescent material has been synthesized and characterized by infrared spectrum. The luminescent properties of...

Authors: Li Hua Wang

Abstract: The effect of different concentrations of Mg (II) ion on luminescent intensity of Tb (III) complex material in ethanol, methanol and DMSO...

Authors: Qing Wen Qu, Cheng Jun Wang, Xiao Dan Lou, Bo Zheng

Abstract: According to the actual working conditions of the hydraulic drill, mechanical properties of track frame are analyzed. Through building...

Authors: Wen Qun Zhang, Xin Yue Wu, Wen Cao

Abstract: Piezoelectric acoustic sensor with negative impedance matching circuit is put forward to enhance its sensitivity at low frequencies. The...

Authors: Feng Shan Pu, Ping Chuan Zhang, Hang Sen Zhang

Abstract: this paper did a profound research on the stochastic material of Electro-optic (EO) polymers and mathematic model, and analyzed the...

Authors: Xi Shi Tai

Abstract: The complexes of europium with two schiff base ligands [2-carboxybenzaldehyde- diethylenetriamine (1),...

Authors: Xi Shi Tai

Abstract: In order to prepare efficient luminescence material, two kinds of novel magnesium luminescence materials were synthesized by the reaction of...


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