Advanced Research on Intelligent Materials and Mechanical Engineering

Volume 321

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ye Guo, Zhong Qi Sheng, Liang Zhao

Abstract: This paper took a kind of 3-TPT Parallel Machine Tool (PMT) as the object of research; it mainly introduced the process of establishing the...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Shou Song Li

Abstract: In order to understand the mechanical properties with the blended ratio of soybean protein fiber/polyester blended fabric,six blended...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Yong Jun Sun

Abstract: The PLA fibers are processed under heat treatment. The change of the strength, initial modulus and work with the temperature and time are...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Yu Kun Dou

Abstract: In order to study the method to determine the blended ratio of the soybean protein fibers, the calculation of the mean and standard...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Xiao Yang

Abstract: In order to analysis the relationship between the strength and elongation and the blended ratio of SPF/Cotton blended yarn, the strength and...

Authors: Ying Lian Wang, Jun Yao Ye

Abstract: The application of solar cell has offered human society renewable clean energy. As intelligent materials, crystalline silicon solar cells...

Authors: Jing Kui Li, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: The KNN method is extracted from the technique of pattern recognition for the continuum structure topology optimization design with...

Authors: Ping Yuan Xi, Fu Zhou Zhao

Abstract: Pressure vessel is not only the equipment used in the process industrial production, but also a more vulnerable to accidents special...

Authors: Peng Qiu, Guang Long Wang, Jiang Lei Lu, Cheng Xiang Hu

Abstract: The spontaneous emission rate of a two-level system quantum dots is not intrinsic properties of the emitter itself but is molded by the...

Authors: Qing Yu, Jin Lin Wang, Xiao Chen Sui

Abstract: The basic idea of twice genetic algorithm optimization of BP neural network model(TGB)is rough selection network model using genetic...


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