Advanced Research on Material Science, Environmental Science and Computer Science

Volume 322

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Yin, Wu Di Zhang, Shi Qing Liu, Jian Chang Li, Rui Xu, Yu Bao Chen

Abstract: The biochemical pathway of fermentation for methane and hydrogen production by Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng (E. adenophorum) is different...

Authors: Feng Yan Sun, Jian Jun Qu

Abstract: Traveling wave ultrasonic motor (TWUSM) is driven by friction force between stator and rotor. As the friction materials of contact layer in...

Authors: Li Hua Wang

Abstract: A mononuclear Zn (II) complex material, Zn[C36H26N2O3]·2H2O, has been synthesized at...

Authors: Li Hua Wang

Abstract: A new luminescent material, 1-acetyl-2-naphthol-4, 4'-diaminodiphenyl ether Mg (II) has been designed, synthesized and characterized. The...

Authors: Li Hua Wang

Abstract: In order to prepare the highlight luminescent material, we synthesized a highlight blue luminescent material, salicylaldehyde-4,...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Ji

Abstract: A new luminescent materials, 1-acetyl-2-naphthol-4, 4’-diaminodiphenylsulfone Cd (II) has been prepared by the reaction of...

Authors: Hong Wang, Fang Yao, Li Fu Wang

Abstract: Based on the relation between the incipient yield pressure and the limit of yielding in cylinder according to the elastic disabled rule, a...

Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao

Abstract: Electroless plating was used to deposit Ni-P films on quartz optical fiber surface. The optimal bath compositions and operation conditions...

Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao

Abstract: The electroless nickel-phosphor deposition on quartz optical fiber surface was carried out by single factor test. The optimum...

Authors: Xi Chan Zhang, Xing Guang Li

Abstract: Present study deals with the evaluation of biosorptive removal of copper by Flavobacterium sp. Experiments have been carried...


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