Advanced Research on Material Science, Environmental Science and Computer Science

Volume 322

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Min Cong Zhu, Tong Yang, Jin Bo Huang, Ying Chen Zhang, Deng Xin Li, Qian Qian Zhang, Jun Xiao, Jie Song, Jin Yue Bao, Pei Li

Abstract: The expanded graphite (EG) was prepared after microwave irradiation treatment of the expandable graphite in a domestic microwave oven at...

Authors: Min Cong Zhu, Wei Qi, Yan Jie Mao, Yin Hu, Xin Qing, Kan Zhu Li, Yuan Ye, Ying Chen Zhang, Deng Xin Li, Hong Mei Chai

Abstract: In the present work, expanded graphite (EG) was prepared by microwave irradiation. Then, the expanded graphite/polyaniline (EG/PANi)...

Authors: Hong Ying Gong, Jin Yan Wang, Zhong Hua Zhao

Abstract: Metal sheet Stamping forming is an important material forming process, especially in the automobile industry. Using the advanced FEM...

Authors: Lu Hua You, Xin Tan, Qiong Qiong Liu, Lin Zhao

Abstract: This article investigates the removal of ammonium from aqueous solutions using the ammonium ion-exchange material prepared by the modified...

Authors: Bao Tong Huang, Hua Zhou, Huai Xiang Ding

Abstract: A fifteen-year field trial (started in 1990) was conducted to determine the inorganic P fractions under 8 classical modes of fertilization...

Authors: Zhao Xia Wu, Rui Mao, Zhi Yuan Zhang, Zhi Kong

Abstract: FBG sensing character and model under three-dimensional stress are studyed in this paper. FBG center wavelength shifts of the two...

Authors: Guang Li Meng, Xu Hong Yang, Min Lin

Abstract: The principle of the L-system is the notion of rewriting, where the basic idea is to draw a graph by interpreting a character string...

Authors: Yi Dan Zhao, Yi Liao

Abstract: In this work, we applied quantum chemical techniques (DFT and TD-DFT) to assess which level of theory is appropriate for calculating the...

Authors: Xiao Ou Ding, Xiu Yi Hua, Fei Zhao, Zhi Yong Guo, Xing Song, De Ming Dong

Abstract: The sorption/desorption of DDTs to surface coatings were investigated using the bath equilibration technique. Freundlich isotherm was...

Authors: Cong Zhuo Jin, Qiao Li Chou, Huan Xin Chen

Abstract: This paper starts with a brief introduction to the industrial development background such as general technical principles and application...


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