Advanced Research on Material Science, Environmental Science and Computer Science

Volume 322

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Juan Ru Huang, Chang Chun Xu, Yong Li Sun, Zhen Yan Cao, Ji Gang Wang, Ke Jian Yang

Abstract: The process to recover soda ash from mining solution is combined CO2 stripping with falling film evaporation, and the stripping...

Authors: Juan Wang, Si Yu Lai

Abstract: AT89S51 microcontroller based carbon black conductive composite materials resistance-temperature measurement system is designed, which...

Authors: Juan Wang, Si Yu Lai, Yi Liu

Abstract: Introduce the computer-assisted molding process system in composite components knowledge base. The feature reasoning based method is applied...

Authors: Xiao Juan He, Da Wei Qi, Nan Hu

Abstract: Abstract. The dose calculation parameters of 103Pd radioactive seed need to be determined strictly before clinical application...

Authors: Lin Ke Zhang, Lin He, Ding Ding Lu, Jian Cheng Tao

Abstract: A new method, which combines the measurement and the estimation of the radiated noise variation, is proposed in this paper to predict the...

Authors: Guo Wei Shu, Zhen Xing Ma, Zhao Wei Wang, He Chen

Abstract: Effect of bile and nalidixic acid on growth of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus...

Authors: Sheng Yu Liu, Li Chao Nengzi, Cheng Wei Lu, Wei Qiu, Yun Ming Hu

Abstract: Current industrial desulfurization processes involve in economic costs, if carbide slag can be used in those processes, the costs will be...

Authors: Sheng Yu Liu, Li Chao Nengzi, Bing Qu, Yuan Yuan Xu, Wei Qiu, Cheng Wei Lu

Abstract: In bubble reactor, the different complex adsorbents were used to adsorb NO. The results showed absorbent catalytic complex...

Authors: Li Zhao, Fu Ju Zhang, Shao Hua Feng

Abstract: 980MPa grade high strength low alloy steel was welded by ultra-narrow gap welding. Observed by optical metalloscope, there were large...

Authors: Gui Ling Liu, Xin Xia, Qing Bin Wu

Abstract: Based on short of effective disposal measure for organic solvent leakage, this paper developed a kind of styrene-divinybenzene copolymer...


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