Advanced Research on Material Science, Environmental Science and Computer Science

Volume 322

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Luo Zhong Gong

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes show remarkable mechanical properties. Experimental studies have shown that they belong to the stiffest and elastic known...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang, Shou Wu Gao

Abstract: Abstract In order to describe the relation between the elasticity and the blended ratio of soybean protein fiber blended yarn, the...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang

Abstract: In order to analysis the relationship between the strength and elongation and the blended ratio of SPF-PVA/polyester blended yarn, the...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang

Abstract: The strength and elongation, the unevenness and the number of hairiness of the soybean protein fiber/cotton blended yarn are tested. By the...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang

Abstract: In order to understand the mechanical properties of the PLA fibers, the basic properties of the PLA fibers are measured with different...

Authors: Hua Zhao

Abstract: With piezoelectric acceleration sensor, charge voltage filter amplifier, data acquisition card, PC and vibration experiment table for...

Authors: Chang Mei Wang, Wu Di Zhang, Xiao Qing Zhou, Yu Bao Chen, Fang Yin, Jian Chang Li, Rui Xu, Shi Qing Liu

Abstract: [Objective] The research aimed to take the waste oil from restaurants as raw material for hydrolysis preparation of fatty acid atmospheric...

Authors: Xi Shi Tai

Abstract: A new Tb (III) complex luminescent material has been synthesized. And it was characterized by infrared spectrum. The luminescent properties...

Authors: Xi Shi Tai

Abstract: The quenching effect of different concentrations of Ca (II) ion on luminescent intensity of Tb (III) complex material in ethanol, methanol...

Authors: Qing Bin Yang

Abstract: To discuss yarn mechanics property of shengma pure yarn or shengma modal blended yarn with different twist factor and different blending...


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