Advanced Research on Material Science, Environmental Science and Computer Science

Volume 322

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Xiu He, Jiang Zhu, Tao Luo, Yuan Ying Chi, Rui Fang

Abstract: Under the grid integrated control management mode, operation and maintenance station location has been the key to ensure the stable...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu, Yong Mei Hu

Abstract: Semisolid A356 alloy, which is grain-refined by Pr, was prepared by low superheat pouring. The effects of grain-refined by Pr on the...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Ji

Abstract: Two new luminescent materials were prepared by the reaction of Eu (III) and Tb (III) ions with...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Ji

Abstract: A chain Ni (II) coordination polymer material was prepared and characterized by elemental analysis and single-crystal X-ray diffraction. It...

Authors: Cheng Qian

Abstract: With the development of automotive industry, automotive air-conditioning filter became the essential equipment in people’s daily life. On...

Authors: Cheng Qian

Abstract: In order to probe the possibility of utilizing chromed leather wastes from the view of textile, firstly ultra-short leather fiber of...

Authors: Feng Zeng, Xiao Yu Zhang

Abstract: It established a model for estimating the concentrations of heavy metals pollutants in exhaust gas and waste water from coal-burning power...

Authors: Ning Ning Wu, Li Xin Cao, Pei Sheng Yan, Ming Hao Wang

Abstract: A label free impedimetric immunosensor for the determination of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) was fabricated by immobilizing anti-AFB1 onto Poly...

Authors: Feng Yan Sun, Jian Jun Qu

Abstract: Traveling wave ultrasonic motor (TWUSM) is driven by friction force between stator and rotor. Then friction material properties are very...

Authors: Lan Fang Guan, Jin Zhou Chen

Abstract: This paper mainly researched how polyfunctional monomers affect the Compatibilization of PP/TPU blends. With triallylisocyanurate (TAIC) and...


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