Design of Anti-Radiation Notebook Computers


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After comparing with the shortage of traditional model notebook computers and desktop computers, we disclose sets of new anti-radiation notebook computers. They have all the advantages of traditional desktop computers and notebook computers. You can enjoy their portable, comfortable, excellent heat-spread, high reliability, modularized hardware, quality and cost effective. Much more than these, LCD Monitors of these new designed computers are set before cabinets, so the cabinets behind are far away from you during your operation, they can significantly reduce electromagnetic radiation to you. The radiation can be reduced to less than 10% of its original level,by taking other precautions ,such as shielding and absorbing, these new anti-radiation notebook computers hardly have any radiation. Hence, these anti-radiation notebook computers are green products indeed, have no radiation to computer users, and much more accord with Human-Machine Engineering principles.



Edited by:

Yuhang Yang and Yan Ma






Z. W. Gai et al., "Design of Anti-Radiation Notebook Computers", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 323, pp. 123-127, 2011

Online since:

August 2011




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